Friday, July 16, 2010


Today, Mark English met up with TAD for lunch and then invited all of us to the studio to check out his new work. It was amazing! Mark is a machine! When ask what inspired him to pump out all these new paintings he responded, "because the process interested me so much!" Mark has been using collage with his oil paintings. He showed us new finished paintings, as well as small studies intended for larger works- and talked about the challenge of scaling up while maintain his sense of texture and mark-making.

Thank you Mark once again for letting us in your home.

-Trey Bryan


  1. Nice stuff. Mark IS a machine. I see he's got that horse thumbnail gridded out. Was that just to help him place the pieces of the composition (and does he do stuff like that often?) or is that something to help him when he turns that tiny thumb into a big painting?

  2. Trey, Thanks for posting these. I love that place. Mark has been such and inspiration in my life. Glad to see you guys working so hard!

  3. Vincent, you're totally right, Mark put that grid on there because he had done a smaller version of the horse that he really liked and wanted to translate it to a bigger piece accurately (Trey's been bugging mark to work larger, and let me tell you, his new big paintings are AWESOME!).

    It was really cool getting to talk with Mark about his process because this collage-based painting is something new for him and he's figuring it out as he goes. We chatted about some of the challenges of translating the texture of his small pieces to bigger ones; Mark is one smart dude!

    That one photo really makes me laugh. It looks like I'm teaching a lesson on Mark's work to Mark!

    Thanks for the post Trey!

  4. One word...WOW! That looks like it was an amazing time. It's cool to see Mark working so hard, but yet taking a break and opening his studio so that others can get a first hand taste of his mindset and process. Super cool stuff.

  5. yeah mike, it was great to have everyone in the studio drawing and bouncing off energy from one an other.

    vincent- mark made the composition bigger to present himself with different problems with this other technique- it blows me away what mark does.

    sterling- thanks for posting, we are having a great time

    brinkman- .com

    phillip- yes, it is cool