Thursday, July 22, 2010

What's going on at the POD!

We've been busy here in the West Bottoms. Busy with what, you ask? Take a peek below to see exactly what!

John works on his texture and mark making demo
Brent mans the tech and makes the demo magic happen.

Brinkman shows the model how it's done.

Paul used the ball point pen this week in the life drawing session.

Jane draws the model.

Trey's value studies of banjo playersy.

The result of a 10 minute pose.

Colin carves a silhouette.

Mark English, in the house!

Jane is awesome at throwing multiple colors into her figures.

From front to back: Paul, Brinkman, Mark, dude.

Colin is a lefty.

More of John's texture and mark making demo.

Here Mark is using charcoal and white pastel.

Mark shows us how simplicity can be a serious asset to a drawing.

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