Monday, August 9, 2010

Art Party in Kansas City

Last Friday the KC POD had one hell of a time!
Trey Bryan, Jane Radstrom & Andy Brinkman teamed up with Kansas City's hottest DJ, SHEPPA to throw a little art party on the streets. The crowds were amazing, the model (Natalie McFancy - hooper/fire dancer) was amazing, and good times were had by all. We stuck to 2 minute poses for the duration. Most of our photos are from the daytime, but after dark things really got good - check out the videos. 

 DJ SHEPPA turns up the beat on the streets.

Natalie getting ready for the first session of the night

 Early in the evening

Brinkman showing the crowd how it's done

Natalie striking a pose- every 2 mins!

Trey capturing the form of the pose
The Brnk of it all

As it cooled off, the crowds came to enjoy the scene

Brent (TAD Faculty) and Jodi showed up to watch, thanks for the photos Brent!

-The Drawings-

All of them were done in 2 minutes 
with either Nupastel or charcoal sticks on newsprint


  1. Sweetness! That is my type of party. I wish I could have been there to rock it with you all.

  2. You guys have all the fun. Save some for me, please.

    This looks like it was a blast. I'm glad to see you guys rocking it so hard out there in KC.

  3. haha. That looks like a blast. I wish I was there