Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Treys figure dump and sketchbook

Today was such a beautiful day! Perfect weather here in Kansas City- the nicest it's felt in a while. Today, I also finished my 300 page sketchbook that I have been tackling off and on throughout the year, and between filling up others. I will miss her but she was a lot of trouble and I'm glad to set her free. I uploaded some figure drawings from today's sessions to give more people an idea into the way I think.

Sketching out at the Filling Station today, I felt I should take some photos to remember the great weather, Also I posted a sketch of Andy Brinkman, TAD Student. I was really trying to achieve a highly photographic quality with this drawing, including a great likeness. I have found that cast drawing is a great way to get "in to," the hands and turn form with designed economy of mark making.   


  1. Trey,

    There is some beautiful work coming out of your POD. You are doing a great job spreading the word my friend! I still want to plan a meet up for TAD RVA and TAD KCMO in West Virginia!


  2. You're drawing of the Filling Station counter is so recognizable. LOVE THAT.

  3. sterling,

    Your words at the 71st house continue to inspire, I definitely want to host the first tad field trip combining the pods for a paint-a-thon.
    Thanks for all the help you give us all! We are all extremely fortunate to have you as a mentor.


  4. Very nice stuff! Keep up the sweet works!

  5. Great stuff. Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun up there. Definitely hope to be back next summer.

  6. stop making that old warehouse look so fun. you're bringing on the three month nostalgia!