Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A visit to Gary Kelley's Studio!

Last weekend, the KC,MO TAD POD, went up to Iowa to see the internationally renowned illustrator Gary Kelley, did I mention that he's the most awarded illustrator at the society of illustrators in New York! What a kind soul, so generous and humble! At his studio we had so many conversations about art, painting and living, we also checked more new pieces for his Muses and WWI graphic novel projects.

Much, Much more to come! Trey took a bunch of video and we will be posting that shortly.
hope you all enjoy the photos! Thanks for stopping by.

Gary showing us one of his lithograph prints.

Close up of a painting of his in the Blackhawk Hotel where we stayed.

close up

A gigantic painting of Gary's that resides in the stairwell of the beautiful Blackhawk Hotel.

there she is, the Blackhawk Hotel.

The man, the myth, Andrew Brinkman

Jane Radstrom discussing brands and the blog Brand New

A color study of Gary's

Gary Kelley in his studio

Gary was telling us about painting over old paintings to achieve new direction in his color, by rediscovering and trying to control an abstract surface.

Gary's Paint set- Now available at Utrecht

Brinkman going through Gary's books.

Sooner or later, hes gonna get cha!

lets see your stack!

Come on Gary, really?!

I noticed this little study while lurking in his studio, This is so beautiful. As far as I can tell, the black is sharpy and the color is opaque paint of some kind. 

great head drawings

Colin Boyer in Gar Kelly's studio

Gary has a great book collection

If this doesn't make you want to quit making art, I don't know what will?

MLK Jr. monotype

previous pets of Garys.

thats creepy?!

I think its a problem, but he denies it!

One of Gary's sketchbooks.


  1. How awesome, you guys are so lucky!

  2. I am so pumped right now you have no idea. I only wish you guys had snagged more photos of his sketchbooks. I know there must be gems in those things. I can't get enough of his work lately, thanks so much for posting such great pictures!

    Miss all of you out in KC!

  3. Wow! What a great post! I bet you guys had a blast.

  4. Haha, great visit! Amazing art everywhere..

  5. Super Jealous. looks like an awesome trip. from these pics i think i could happily spend weeks just poking around his studio.

  6. How cool was it to drive up and see Gary in his very own little corner of the world? And thanks for coming into my online class that day via Elluminate. My students were drooling just watching you show us around Gary's studio for the short time you were with us. I told them, "That's the advantage of being in a Pod!" Thanks for sharing your good images and thoughts. Gary is really easy to hang out with.

  7. As Brent once said (in a different context, of course): "Excruciatingly beautiful".