Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Trey Bryan's Sketchbook From Paris

Hey Everyone,
I just got back to Kansas City from Paris France this past sunday night. I want to thank Andy Brinkman and Jane Radstrom for holding down the fort. I love traveling- it's always been a good way to clear my head and think about things at home and my career, in Paris, it was no different. what an amazing place with beautiful people and architecture. The French language is a lot like dancing, you have to commit to speaking it or else your just going to look like a fool, haha. 

My brother Beau, 20 years of age, has been studying in France for 2 months now, 4 weeks in Torre, a couple weeks now in Paris. Its amazing to me that he speaks fluent French and he's only been studying the French language for three semesters! Incredible! We had such a good time going to cafes and wondering down narrow alley ways at all times of the night, we even rented bicycles several times to get around Paris. We met some great people you showed us a heck of a time as well. I tried my best to sketch all the time while I was there - here are some of those sketches.

if you would like to see more- I've posted them all on my blog
thanks for looking

-Trey Bryan


  1. Sweet post Trey. Your sketches chronicle your journey very well. I feel like I just went to Paris after viewing this post. I am especially digging the plane seat view, gallery and cathedral sketches. The energy from the flowing organic lines flow together to make solid impressions. I am mesmerized by your talents Mr. Bryan - thank you.

  2. Great stuff! You know a lot more about the average tourist in Paris due to the old adage, "To truly understand something, draw it." You "saw" more in an hour than most tourist see in a month! I love the algae you used to color the pond in from of the Louvre! Great idea for spontaneity!

  3. Theodore- Thanks for the kind words sir! sketchbook is the most happy I will ever be when making art. It involves being with people, traveling, drawings, living life while making art. Not stuck in a studio. I dont know If I would call it talent- we all have stacks of sketchbooks that should never see the light of day! but thanks for the compliment- stay tuned for more updates, thanks for posting.

    Brent- Algea is definitely the color i wanted at the time so i was pretty excited when i found some- thanks for posting brent. you should post your car drawings!