Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mardi Gras Parade in Kansas City, 2011

Hello Everyone!

The Kansas City TAD Studio was mighty busy on Mardi Gras! 
First we started the night off meeting up with a bunch of Kansas City folk at YJ's Snack Bar, a little bohemian cafe a block away from Trey's loft in the Crossroads District. The idea every year is that random people all congregate with wild costumes to form a huge parade, each neighborhood with their own faction. Calling themselves names such as "The Lady Mermaids," and " Crazy Unicorns," these guys and gals caused a ruckus on the way to the historic 18th and Vine jazz district. Once the parade finally reached it's destination a mile away, it felt like a bomb went off, the energy was amazing. We slipped inside The Blue Room to here some pumpin' jazz- what a night!

Enjoy the photos, movies and sketches done on the scene, thanks for looking


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