Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Trey Bryan's Figure Compositions

Hey Everyone,
I thought I would post these recent figure drawings and talk about them a little while they're still fresh off the easel. What I look for in a drawing is the whole composition of the page, not just a floating figure with decent modeling in the lights. The composition has always been more important to me than nit-picky-perfect drawing. Looking for "the whole picture," in all the work I do helps me translate a more cohesive aesthetic that defines me. No one is ever going to see the model but that does'nt give you an excuse to draw bad or like Matisse because its artsy-fartsy, just draw the best you can in the time you are given. 

These figures are composed with mainly three values- (1) white of the paper- (2) a mid-tone "light charcoal stroke"- (3) then a violent, heavy smash of black charcoal. I always try to simplify just enough in the values so that I can get where I'm going- faster. It leaves time for creating the picture as a whole- giving the final product more impact. 

I hope you enjoy the drawings- stay tuned for more KC POD updates!

-Trey Bryan    


  1. Good work, Trey! Seeing a figure drawing as an entire composition instead of just a study is a good step. Not all figure drawing need be approached this way, but it is the next progressive step for where you are in your personal exploration!

  2. The way you've put it is really interesting!! Looking at figure drawing as a whole composition instead of only random life drawings...
    And your art asks for compulsive viewing, really catches the eye!!

  3. Brent- you are correct my friend- there are many ways to defile newsprint pads. This is just the way I did it- i will see what I do next time.

    Daniela- Thanks for the kind words! I am not a fan of random life drawings, I'm a composition sort of man.