Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Photos from Treys Show!

Hey Everyone,
This past Friday night, I had my Erotic Drawings Show in the crossroads here in Kansas City. Really interesting responses from all sorts of people, not to much animosity- viewers were more curious than anything. Unfortunately the show received one to many complaints to take it down, so I had to take it down the following day. A 26 hour erotic art show, not bad Kansas City. I thought it would get canned sooner. I met some serious collectors and buyers that put a couple of bids down for the work, I am still hesitant one whether or not I want to part with a certain select few. I'm going to have a follow up viewing of the work at my loft in the crossroads this coming friday for everyone that couldn't make it to the show. But all in all my goal has been fulfilled, I set out to complete a body of work and exhibit it in Kansas City. This is not the end of this work either, I'm going to continue these drawings in my spare time and try to publish the drawings in a big coffee table book that also tells the story about the drawings. 

Thank you to everyone that came out to show their support! 
Thank you Brent Watkinson for sending my some great photos. 

-Trey Bryan

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  1. any publicity is good publicity!

    art and scandal always seems to be a good thing.