Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tues Day Pow Wow

On Tuesdays we have a student-led meet up over our lunch break. One of the challenges of attending an online school is fostering a sense of community; it's easy to slip into room-full-of-people-on-computers mode, each of us doing our own thing. The solution? A weekly show and tell session! This is students only, and offers us a chance to share what we've been up to with each other.

This week the KCMO studio was up to a bunch of awesome stuff. Maggie showed us some super fun collaborative paintings she did with her friend in Sweden and some really delicate marker drawings. Ross showed some really nice black and white film studies that are filled with energy. Tarrah brought some solid design work to the table - work she's done for a local client - as well and an awesome planar figure drawing. Luke showed us some sweet, distorted portraits and the process work he used to get there. Paul brought some nice storyboards and asked us to help him trim them down to their leanest, meanest form. Brian showed us his design work laying out an awesome, soon to be released art book and some really nice digital paintings he's done recently. I showed everybody some recent illustrations I've been working on and got some great feedback on improving them.

It's a lot of fun seeing what my studio-mates are up to, as well as incredibly inspiring. The KCMO students are bringing it hard, making big strides, and doing interesting work. I'm glad to share a studio with them!


  1. Thank you for posting! What a great way to create community. I love it! Jean Beaber

  2. I like this post, Andy! I think this is a great idea in which you can all participate. I really like the fact that the instructors are not involved...(although you would make us feel welcome!). The students critically looking at the work of others and having to form opinions based on their knowledge and verbally present it is a great way to crystallize the content you are learning.

    Please keep having these meetings and critiques. I am sure it will lead to good things in those big, hungry, curious brains.

    Thanks again for the good work from everyone!