Monday, May 13, 2013

Figure Sessions Wrapping Up for the Spring and Spectrum Live

Hi everyone,
It's your fearless studio leader checking in with a long overdue update on what's going on here at the KCMO studio. Let's get to the firstly's first:

There will not be a figure drawing session this Saturday, May 18th. 

Sad, I know, but wait! Before you weep those bitter tears of artistic withdrawal, allow me to tell you why we aren't figure drawing this Saturday. We'll all be happily buzzing about Bartle Hall, attending Spectrum Fantastic Art Live. Spectrum Live is an amazing convention because it's totally artist-centric. Last year I was able to waltz from table to table and have real conversations with really great artists for real.

At $40 a pop for a 3-day pass, it's a great deal if you're an artist or appreciator of art, not to mention that if you're attending the show you can join us Friday night from 10pm to 1am for a late-night figure drawing party. It was a ton of fun last year and should be just as bangin' this year. You can find more info about the how's, when's, and where's here at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live's info page.

May 20th will be our last figure session for the spring, as we prepare to welcome a new batch of students for our summer workshops. Have no fear, though, public figure sessions will return in the fall bigger and better than ever! Pigs may not be able to fly, but we can at least toss them lil' squealers.


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