Monday, December 9, 2013

Winter Update

Hello Friends,
I'm sad to say that our figure sessions have ended for the year. We're in full finals crunch here at The Art Department KCMO, so all our time and energy is going into wrapping up the semester. Don't look so glum, dearest reader, our figure sessions will return again in February! Watch this blog or The Art Department's Facebook page for updates as we get closer to that magical time. 

I understand this is tough. You just haven't gotten enough of the cool kids here at TAD KCMO. Here's what's great: You've got one more chance to see our shining faces in 2013. Our friend and studiomate, Dan Vanderhoof is having a show of some recent work Saturday, December 14th from 7-9pm at 1212 West 8th St. Come hang out and see some cool art! Bring giant wads of cash, too. You'll want to get in at the ground floor in collecting the work of young Mr. Vanderhoof. This is a one-night-only kind of deal, so don't rest on your laurels. 

That's the news from the 6th floor of the Hobbs, I'll see you in 2014 if not Saturday!

Andy Brinkman

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