Sunday, September 26, 2010

Prepping Mark's NY Show

The KCMO Pod crew spent the afternoon with Mark English yesterday helping prepare his paintings for their trip to New York. Trey and Jane will be delivering the paintings themselves, so the work didn't need to be as bundled up as it would if it was being shipped. It was pretty awesome and incredibly valuable to see how Mark mounts and packs his paintings. His system is simple and elegant.

In between bubble wrapping and framing, we took a few breaks to dig through the past work Mark keeps in his studio. I found the ice-skating illustration tucked in there! I snapped some photos of the pile of paper scraps left over from Mark's current collage approach and the wall in his matte-area that features George Pratt, Sterling Hundley, and our own Trey Bryan, among others.

It was a fun day hanging out and to cap it all off the always-generous Mark took us out for lunch!

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  1. dammit andy. You mock me. You took a photo of the wall and it has the George Pratt monotype that I asked george if I could have... but nooooo... Mark english wanted it so george game it to him. haha. That looks like it was a fun day