Monday, October 4, 2010

New York Trip

Mark Sowing me some skills 
Hour 17, not sure where we are.
Coming up on NYC

Almost there, tension is rising!

Heading into the lincoln Tunnel, no turning back now 
Playing thunderstruck by ACDC

Hold on to ya butts!- In the middle of Manhattan
Finally reached the Ettinger gallery 

Unloading the paintings before someone tows my car.

Brand new galley space

the MET

Repin= emotion

Jane on the subway
Trey on the subway

Erik Jones's work- the guy we stayed with

All traditional

Next stop, Richmond Virginia, Thanks for Andrew and Ed for giving us an awesome place to stay
Thanks guys

Ted showing us the TAD RVA studio

Sterling sketch

Sterlings work is moving more towards sculpture

Andrew would like to add his opinion
Kinsella showing us his figure drawings

The Herman at work

Trey in awwwh

Jenna chew
Here are some of trey bryan's sketches throughout the whole trip,
Hope you enjoy. 


  1. Great sketches. You made it out of NY alive AND you got to hit up the Met. I'd call it all a success.

  2. Trey and Jane- it was great having you guys in Richmond. I wish that I had more time to visit. This looks like it will go down as another Trey and Jane epic adventure. Give our best to Mark, John, Brent, and the TAD crew in KC!