Monday, November 8, 2010

Painting session with Jason-gearing up for first friday!

Hello Everyone!
We Have been super busy here at the KC POD! TAD has been active in the community here in KC and has had several events running seamlessly into the weekend. We are gearing up for first friday's, but to start off, here are a few shots of our friday morning painting session with the talented Jason Smith! 
Hope you enjoy the photos/ drawings/ and paintings!

brinkman showing us how its done!
Jane busting out the media
The madness of Jane's palette
Jane's huge pastel drawing!
Trey's painting study
Jane paints on paper
Brinkmans got the goods

Our Sanctuary 
Alison- TAD Admissions, with the new banner!


  1. Sick Drawings and paintings but whats with the tractor? Is that your secret Trey you farm on the weekends?