Tuesday, November 9, 2010

TAD @ Kansas City's First Friday! 11-5-10

Hello everyone!
Here are a couple of videos we shot out at first fridays- the place was packed and we meet a lot of potential students! Thanks to Todd Christiansen for the video projection, and Brent Watkinson for plowing the streets with TAD promo and getting people excited about our community! it was pretty cold towards the end of the night so hats off to our model/ fire hola-hoop dare devil, Ms. Natalie Mcfancy Pants!!!!!! And last  but not least- THANK YOU KCMO TAD STUDENTS! You guys were a huge help to TAD and I could not have done this without all of your hard work and dedication- you guys rock!

Now the videos!!! All these videos captured the first friday event from beginning to end. A lot of people came out to cheer us on and were really enthusiastic about the program- Cheers to you all as well!

I hope you enjoy the post- this was a blast- thank you TAD for letting me be apart of this community!

-Trey Bryan
KC,MO Pod Leader  

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  1. Trey is absent from the vid because he is working the cam. The new banner you had made looks great, Trey, and it worked well for the other two events following the First Friday drawing session. Thanks to Jane, Colin, Brinkman, Trey, and Natalie McFancy for braving the COLD that night!

    Brent Watkinson